Welcome to UBMD Neurology/Jacobs Neurological Institute of the Dept. of Neurology, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Univ. at Buffalo/SUNY


UBMD Neurology at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

1001 Main Street, 4th Floor, Buffalo, NY 14203                

716- 323-0510

UBMD Neurology at Williamsville Clinic

5851 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221  


UBMD Child Neurology at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

1001 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Buffalo, NY 14203             


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This site is home for UBMD Neurology/JNI patients, their family and friends, and all who are interested in knowing more about neurological disease, our clinicians and researchers, and how to help advance the management and treatment of these diseases.

UBMD Neurology is made up of a preeminent team of neurologists and other health care professionals who are part of the UB Dept. of Neurology.  They provide comprehensive care for patients with neurological disorders. UBMD Neurology integrates innovative, compassionate patient care with interdisciplinary neurological research.

Our History

UBMD Neurology is also known as the The Jacobs Neurological Institute.  The Institute’s name honors the memory of Genevieve B. & Louis M. Jacobs. Their son, the late Dr. Larry  D. Jacobs, was Chairman of the Department of Neurology and a neurologist known all over the world for his pioneering work in multiple sclerosis and for his compassion as a clinician.

UBMD Neurology is the clinical practice of the Dept. of Neurology, University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences,  State University of New York, http://ubmd.com/practice-locations/practices/neurology.html


4 Comments on “Welcome to UBMD Neurology/Jacobs Neurological Institute of the Dept. of Neurology, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Univ. at Buffalo/SUNY”

  1. Lockport Lax says:

    Your phone system is ridiculous!!! You call the number here ( 323-0510) and someone who talks very slow gives you a 5 minute message!! All I wanted to do was schedule an appoitment!!! How do I contact you people????

    • We have recently revised our phone tree again and are looking into developing a phone bank of 4 or 5 people who will exclusively handle phone calls. We hope to experiment with this once the pandemic is over. Most of our staff per state guidelines are working from home. We are following the Governor’s directives.

  2. Lockport Lax says:

    And also, why do you have the Dr. jacobs plaque leaning against a wall in the corner of the waiting room? VERY DISRESPECTFULL!!!

    • Sorry for late reply. We were not allowed to hang in on the wall due to its weight according to our landlords. We do not own the building. Everything has to go through them. We would have preferred it to be hanging on the wall.

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