UB Dept. of Neurology Celebrates Annual Research Day and Graduation

The UB Dept. of Neurology held its annual Michael E. Cohen, MD, Residents Research Day and Graduation Banquet on June 10, 2016.  All graduating residents presented their research findings, while the PGY-3 level residents presented research plans.  The Research Day was coordinated by Dr. Robert Zivadinov and his Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center staff.  Winners of the Outstanding Resident Presentation Awards for Research Day were Haris Kamal and Aurangzeb Memon, both PGY4s and outgoing co-chief residents, and Svetlana Eckert, PGY3 and incoming co-chief resident.  The Research Day program is available here: Research Day 2016 Program.

At the Graduation Dinner banquet, Ashish Arora, PGY3 and incoming co-chief resident, and Lindsay Dudeck received the teaching award from the medical students.  Resident collegiality awards were given to Adnan Khan, PGY4, Brian Trummer, PGY3, and Khaleeq Ahmed, PGY2.  Graduating residents were Drs. Farid Din, Lindsay Dudeck, Haris Kamal, Adnan Khan, Emily Langan and Aurangzeb Memon.  Graduating neurophysiology fellows were Drs. Mei Jiang and Pooja Sofat.  Drs. Sarah Finnegan, Norah Lincoff, and Ashkan Mowla each received Faculty Teaching Awards.  Eva Tamoga and Thomas Ballanca, administrative support staff for the training programs, played key roles in organizing the banquet.


Dr. Norah Lincoff with Chief Residents Haris Kamal (l) and Aurangzeb Memon (r)