UB Stroke Neurologists Find Intravenous Thrombolysis Safe in Patients with Benign Brain Tumors

Ashkan Mowla, MD, Assistant Professor in the Univ. at Buffalo (UB) Dept. of Neurology, directed a recent study to examine the safety of intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) in stroke patients who had brain neoplasms.  Intracranial neoplasms (tumors) are currently a contraindication for IV tPA due to concerns for a risk of bleeding.  In the retrospective study of some 637 patients who received IV tPA through the UB stroke program, 13 were found to have intracranial neoplasms.  None of the patients suffered symptomatic intracranial bleeding or bleeding into the tumor.  The authors, including Dept. of Neurology faculty Peyman Shirani, MD, Robert Sawyer, MD, and Marilou Ching, MD, MPH, neurology residents Karanbir Singh, MBBS and Haris Kamal, MD, and stroke research coordinator Annemarie Crumlish, CCRC, will be presenting their findings at the International Stroke Conference in 2015.  A full-length manuscript in the International Journal of Stroke has been accepted for publication with Dr. Singh, a PGY-4 resident, serving as first author.


Ashkan Mowla, MD


Karanbir Singh, MBBS